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Re: LF: WE2XGR/2 in WOLF

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Subject: Re: LF: WE2XGR/2 in WOLF
From: Bill de Carle <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 21:16:51 -0400
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At 10:59 AM 9/11/2009, Jay wrote:
WE2XGR/2 will transmit in WOLF mode tonight from 2230 - 0330Z on 508.5 kHz. Local sunset is 2300Z. Reports are always appreciated.
Here is a spectral plot showing both signals together. Actually, 200
Hz was overkill separation as you can see...

The red marker just above the arrow cursor signifies 800 Hz. Jay (with the big signal) is 100 Hz lower at about 700 Hz, John is 100 Hz higher at about 900 Hz. There is a curious spike at 1 Khz - not sure what it is. At the time the S-meter on the TS850 had *no* dots showing on the S-meter so I'd hardly think it could be some non-linearity in the radio. Could
be something in the sound card I guess.

If anyone wants to look at the raw data, I cut out the first part of the recording, converted it from 16-bit to 8-bit format. It still works OK. The actual sampling rate was 8200.389. Jay's audio freq was 699.988 Hz, John's audio was 899.988 Hz.
To decode Jay, use: WOLF -r 8200.389 -f 699.988 -t 0.2
To decode John use: WOLF -r 8200.389 -f 899.988 -t 0.2

The file is still about 5 Mb (they don't zip too well) - you can download it from here:

Bill VE2IQ

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