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Subject: Re: LF: G3YXM WSPR
From: Piotr Młynarski <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 22:24:14 +0200
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John P-G wrote:

Hello Dave, LF

A new WSPR one for me!

1852 -26  1.2   0.503808  0 G3YXM IO92 27

Nice to see you on the mode from Shetland,



Hello Dave, LF  Group,
I will follow John, GM4SLV  and  write the same statement: :
Nice to see you on the mode from Poland

1946 -23  0.4   0.503812  0 G3YXM IO92 27
1946  -2  0.9   0.503931  0 SM6BHZ JO57 33

I also asked another ham , Matt, sq7dqx ( he lives also in Lodz ) to start wspr on MF and he also got a positive decoding of ur signal
( both decodes are sent to wspr database)
It must be a good propagation  tonight on 500 khz
Btw, you just took away my 'odx' label from James, M0BMU as far as the wspr signals on 500 kHz are concerned but i do believe Jim will forgive you :) at this moment it is 1450 km with 27dbm on your side with my modest rx setup 11 turns 1sq. m loop "sitting' on my balcony , followed by a simple two stage ( J310, BC109 ) buffer/amplif. and ft857d

73 de Piotr, sq7mpj
qth: Lodz /jo91rs/

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