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LF: JA 2200m Beacon Copied in NA

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Subject: LF: JA 2200m Beacon Copied in NA
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Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 19:36:46 -0700
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Signals from Mori (JH1GVY) were copied here overnight on Friday (09/19/09
1200-1300Z) during his short beaconing session. Unfortunately he was only
able to get a few elements of QRSS120 off before high winds forced his
balloon-supported vertical to the ground. By good fortune, Laurence,
listening in China, was also able to capture Mori's signal, which allowed me
to confirm reception by comparing the time and frequency signatures of both
captures, including the slight downward chirp on his signal.
Apparently Mori is operating from a portable location and appears to be
generating a good signal. Further testing will hopefully yield a complete ID
from his station.
The distance between here and his location, north of Tokyo, is very
comparable to the east-coast /European path I believe, at around 4600 miles.
The path to Japan from western NA seems much more forgiving than the brutal
long-haul down to VK / ZL. This, coupled with a huge amateur 'homebrew'
population in Japan, should make for some interesting JA-NA Trans-Pacific LF
work, once we here in NA get full-time operating privileges on LF.
Although Japan has only had 2200m for a brief time, there appears to be much
interest and activity already. Mori is to be congratulated for getting the
first JA LF signal over to NA - hopefully many more will follow.
His web site, although all in Japanese, shows his level of interest and
commitment and makes for interesting study.

A copy of my screen capture can be seen here:


Steve / VE7SL / Mayne Island, B.C.

WEB - "The VE7SL Radio Notebook":

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