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Re: LF: My first WSPR spots

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Subject: Re: LF: My first WSPR spots
From: John P-G <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:35:49 +0000
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Roger Lapthorn wrote:
If you could SEE my TX,  "antenna" and ATU you would realise how amazed I am
at this report from G3XVL. My antenna is literally 15m of low horizontal
wire with about 2m of it vertical, a central heating ground and an ATU on
the bedroom table made from a ferrite rod and fed with 700mW from a
2N3906/2N3904. This proves that 500kHz is possible with a
*really*minimalist station. I can only imagine what will be possible
with some
effort on my part.


Well done - it just shows what can be done with RF and a piece of wire....

Assuming your ERP to be around the ~mW level we might be in with a chance even up to Shetland, given some suitable conditions.
I've been doing some tests on 5MHz recently and have been receiving
stations using TX powers in the milliwat, and sub-milliwatt, range.
I've received G4ZFQ using TX power of 0.3mW at a range of 1061km.

Obviously it's not fair to directly compare 5MHz and 500kHz - at least it shows what can be done with really low ERP.
Please leave the WSPR running overnight and let's see what turns up in
the wee small hours.


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