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LF: gw3uep 100w qtx

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Subject: LF: gw3uep 100w qtx
From: Laurence BY3A-KL1X China <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 03:54:49 -0800
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I was whistling with some time to spare in 9V and built the 25W version then did a messy retro to convert it to the 100W version using the single IRF640.
With 24V applied the dummy load (2 x 10W 100 ohm wire wound  in parallel- all that was available to me) gets smoking hot within a min which is either a good sign if you like RF but not good if your a composites or more RF friendly available.
Wonder if anyone can tell me if theyve noticed any heating of L2 and to a lesser extent L3. Nothing hot just warm so some losses. This maybe due to the load but perhaps not.
Has anyone had to add a sink on TR2 the pass device due to higher temps at 5A ?
The IRF device is Cold at full output (and I do mean Cold) which is a very good sign. All caps are cold (I paralled Polys to get to the right figure)
Im without test equipment here in China with just a multimeter but it appears all is hence the questions.
All readings are as Roger et al described... with thanks
Laurence KL1X in BY3a

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