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LF: 531 KHZ

To: "rsgb" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: 531 KHZ
From: "mal hamilton" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 18:43:43 +0100
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Sender: [email protected]
Talking about MF BC stations. Does any of our USA friends know if KGU or KHON in Honolulu is still going. I spent some time out there listening to them daily when staying at the Hawaiian Village Hotel. During a brief stay on Christmas Is,  South Pacific ( staying there  over Christmas 1958)  I was able to listen every evening after dark at 1200 miles away, big signals, but a good sea path.
The perfect DX qth on any frequency, except during the BIG BANG, but the VALVES/TUBES survived !!!.
Daytime not a peep.
73 de Mal/G3KEV/VR4MH/KH6/G3KEV
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