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LF: tonight circa 505 and 137 kHz

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Subject: LF: tonight circa 505 and 137 kHz
From: "flo" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 03:21:21 -0000
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On 137 kHz strong QRSS signals from XKO (welcome home Dex) and XGJ - both just audible in 300Hz, Dex about 3dB stronger but whose counting.
On 505 kHz or near XSH/15 qrss 3, loads of QSB - XSH/6 cw in qso and beacon to 599, XGR/2 very strong up to 569 working XSH/6 I think - just caught the end of the qso and finally but no means least, XGR/6 CW (calling cq) up to 559 and possibly a couple more I missed. I was mobile when listening to 505 but the car is absolutely quiet at 505  Khz and bonding the coax to the door catch from the probe really makes a difference, that and a load of toroids on the ac and dc side. The D620 Dell has some quirks on the audio side which causes some grief on hooking up the sound card, basically I have to in/out the audio with a patch lead, I don?t have to do that with the D600 or 610.
This is hopefully (but not radio wise) my last night mobile here in Houston as Im due to fly out to LA and home to Singapore - that?s if Im allowed to leave the country tomorrow. Ill upload the reports to the 500 web site when I get a sec. Thanks for all the signals chaps
Laurence KL1 X mobile 5 Houston
SDR IQ (0 db rf gain 0 db IF gain - no external LPF filters here in Houston) Walgreens Baby bottle PA0RDT bodged variant - about 0.75m, above car roof
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