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LF: ZL non-QSO, congrats.

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Subject: LF: ZL non-QSO, congrats.
From: "J. Allen" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 06:32:02 -0000
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Congratulations on the copying the signal, and the two way, non-QSO. I have had lots of those on LF. :o) Special thanks, too for confirming the signal and making the note on which this experimental license period ends a good one.
12227 km is the longest distance from which LF traces of VY1JA have been
copied, and from which I have copied traces as well. Not bad for 80 Watts.
Sorry, I cannot continue trying tonight and tomorrow, but the long nights
are too tough on me so soon after pneumonia so the transmitting side of
things has been dismantled to keep me from being tempted to kill myself. It
is my hope that at least one of the others will make solid contact with you
over even greater distance.

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