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Re: LF: WD2XES WOLF 5 tonight

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Subject: Re: LF: WD2XES WOLF 5 tonight
From: John Andrews <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 11:05:33 +0100
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Jean-Pierre, Hartmut, Jim,

Thanks to all of you for the reports. TA signal levels were quite good last night according to Steve Dove's DCF39 plot. As the static levels were also up, it's nice to know that WOLF can get through.
Jim: I assume that you find the DL4YHF version much easier to use than
the original. QSO's are quite straightforward once you get used to
working in time blocks. The amount of information you can successfully
receive is much greater than with slow QRSS.
Again, thanks to all. I may have to skip tonight due to local weather.

John Andrews, W1TAG/WD2XES

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