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RE: LF: [500] GI4DPI

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Subject: RE: LF: [500] GI4DPI
From: Lubomír Bobalík <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 11:46:16 +0200
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GM Dave!
Yes, it was GI4DPE, the mistake of my fingers (HI), becouse in my log it
is right. 
I have been pleased to listen this station, it is my second ham station
from UK I have ever listened on 500kHz.
I am sure, it is more than 1200km far from me (although UK stations use
very low power only!).

73, Lubos, OK2BVG, JN88KS


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On 22 Apr 2007 at 8:39, Lubomír Bobalík wrote:

> Hallo LF´s!
> I saw and listened signals from GI4DPI last night:
> From 22:40 to 23:00 UT on 503.8kHz. The station worked like beacon.
> RST from 229 to 449, and "T". 
> What is QRA lacator GI4DPI? There is no information on about
> it. I would like to calculate the distance.
> 73, Lubos, OK2BVG, JN88KS

The call is actually GI4DPE.....

I assume this is actually Finbar EI0CF operating from somewhere 
across the border. QRZ.COM says:

GI4DPE  - Finbar, City of Derry, Northern Ireland (but there is no 
city Derry in NI ....)
G4DPE - F P O'Connor, Formby. Liverpool
EI0CF - Finbar O'Connor, Malin, County Donegal

So don't know Finbar's actual locator, maybe we shouldn't ask....

73 Dave G3YMC

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