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LF: 500-Hooray!

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Subject: LF: 500-Hooray!
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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 12:18:49 EDT
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'afternoon all,
I had the NoV arrive today and got on the air at 1520z with G3KEV. I've since worked G3UNT. The statio here is simple, just a 6L6 c/o at 2w and a two valve 6SK7 regen receiver. Kindly do not laugh, it works well. The receiver is stunning to say the least.
I have a new three stage transmitter on the stocks and an upconverter using 'fire fet' technology. The antenna is a 20m dipole at 30 ft with the feeders strapped and an ex navy variometer. My garden is tiny, only 35ft by 45 ft, although I have an extensive radial system stretching out into the field and under the new driveway.
Hopefully I will work many of you before too long. I would like to thank GI3PDN and G3ROO for their encouragement in getting on the band. Hopefully the operations on '5 ton' will remain as in true amateur radio form with homebrew, low power, self training and, at last, not a contest in sight. As I was told by GI3PDN -'there are no pot hunters around'.
Colin G3VTT
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