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Re: LF: Test PE1RRF.- Report

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Subject: Re: LF: Test PE1RRF.- Report
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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 00:08:04 +0100 (MET)
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Hi Dave,
Thanks for the report. Im glad with your good report.
Last week we were also on the air from this location with the 250 meters 
longwire antenna and did some improvement now. So great to hear that reception 
is good, and we planed to becon all night long.
Frank PE1RRF

In reply to "Dave G3WCB" <[email protected]> on Sat Feb 10 00:01:37 

> Hi, Frank.
> Very strong signal here...clearly audible. About 30dB above the noise floor.
> Screenshot attached. Antenna is the usual transmitting "Tee" antenna, 20m
> top at 5m high.
> 73, Dave G3WCB IO91RM
> (Near Windsor, S.E. England)
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> Subject: LF: Test PE1RRF.
> Hi all,
> This night we are testing on the freq. +/- 136.317 khz.
> Please give it a try to receiving.
> Reports are very welcome.
> 73
> Frank, PE1RRF.

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