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RE: LF: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs

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Subject: RE: LF: Special Research Permits (501-504kHz) for UK Amateurs
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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:49:15 +0000 (GMT)
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Hi Jim

oops I get a higher SF value but not by an order of 
magnitude. I used info from ON7YD's site to do my calc's and 
I may have got it wrong but I did say they were worst case! 
However the maximum exposure to the general public according 
to US FCC at 4 megs (the best I could find in a hurry on the 
net) was 113w/m^2 or  EU ICNIPR recommendations 7.94 W/m^2 
(as you might expect) but in any case the calculated SF is 
a tiny fraction of this value. 
I did site the 1.8megs DX window power at the high end of 
the MW band in mitigation as well.

Thank you for the your very informative Mail I am sure it 
will be a big help to others. I wish I had seen it before 
posting my application.

We will see how it goes down with Ofcom et al.

73 all (may you live in interesting times) PeteFMT. 

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