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LF: Happy new year and pictures.

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Subject: LF: Happy new year and pictures.
From: "Frank Dijkshoorn." <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 12:50:35 +0100
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First I will wish you all a very good 2007!!
I hope that it is getting a good and interesting year for us all.
In the past week I did not have the time to work it out, but Stephan Hans DL3FCH
was so kind to put the pictures of my balloon experiment from 21 and 22 december 2006 on his website.
Most of these pictures are made almost directly after my experiment, because I was very happy with the results. = Full balloon with almost the maximum size of 75 Cm. = Ant. tuner with SWR and AMP. meter. = Inside the SWR meter with the inpendance transformer.
Dave Brown ZL3FJ makes it also accessable with a link, you can have it seen earlier on 26 dec. here on the RSGG LF group
Thanks to you both, I hope that on this way some more people can enjoy it.
Now I have soon to bring the cilinder with Helium back to the gas supplyer.
Regards Frank,
Experimental station on LF.  PE1RRF.
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