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LF: North American Reflector "Frozen Over"

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Subject: LF: North American Reflector "Frozen Over"
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 16:21:21 EST
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Please forgive the off-topic intrusion, but since about 25% of the membership of the lowfer list at LWCA overlaps this one, I'd like to advise the members who also check in here that you aren't imagining things...the LWCA lowfer list has not been functional for at least 36 hours now.  The bad part is, nobody yet knows why.  I can't find any error messages, nobody trying to post seems to receive any, the LWCA e-mail system works great, but still nothing gets through the list.
Our hosting provider is working on it.  I'll advise (through that list) as soon as it is up and running again.
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