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Subject: LF: New 2007 ENDBH & NANDBH
From: Michael Oexner <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 23:00:18 +0100
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Hi all,

For those of you that like to tune the NDB bands from time to time I'd
like to announce that the 2007 edition of the ENDBH & NANDBH handbooks
and CDs is now available.

The new ENDBH 2007 contains the data of more than 6400 NDBs on 140+
spiral-bound pages in A4 format. Also the NANDBH 2007 has grown and
shows the data of more than 5600 NDBs on 130+ pages.

As a new feature the CD contains a Google Earth compatible NDB
waypoint file so that you can "fly" to NDB locations around the globe.

Two small samples for the ENDBH and NANDBH are attached to this mail
so you can develop a feeling what to expect:

- The ENDBH sample file will display all NDBs in Italy and the UK.
- The NANDBH sample file will display all NDBs in British Columbia,
  Michigan, Oregon and Mexico.

If Google Earth is already installed on your PC just double-click on
the respective *.kmz file to start the application and the NDB
locations should become visible.

Once again the multimedia contents of the CD version have been
expanded to a total of more than 130 NDB pictures and more than 130
NDB sound clips from around the world.

What has remained stable however is the price and the quality of the
handbooks and CDs. Please find more details in the attached PDF file.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to the growing
number of DXers who have sent me comments and updates, pointed out
errors, or provided NDB pictures and sound clips etc. Your support is
very much appreciated and an invaluable help and encouragement for me!

vy 73 + gd DX,


Editor of "The European NDB Handbook" & "The North American NDB Handbook"

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