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LF: EU receptions today

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Subject: LF: EU receptions today
From: "Stephan Hans" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 02:37:00 +0100
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Hi @ all,

after changing a little bit at my rx, I was able to copy some activities in acceptable qualitiy with my deaf rx today: dk4u in cw @ 137704Hz (1318-1332utc) and dfcw @ 137704/137706Hz (1447-1449utc), then pa4vhf answering @ 137701/137703Hz(1455-1502utc) df6nm calling cq in dfcw @ 137700,5/137701,5Hz (1907-1915utc)... then giving pa3cpm "oo" (1919-1923utc).
dl2hre calling cq @ 137712/137714 (2206-2224utc).

furthermore I got some X'es (from hell ?) @137704-137713Hz (1310utc) and @137703-137714Hz (1540utc): &

maybe somebody got better pictures, to show how it should look like ;-).

gn8 @ all,

es vy 73 de Stephan / DL3FCH

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