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Re: LF: TIL Grabber restored...

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Subject: Re: LF: TIL Grabber restored...
From: Scott Tilley <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 15:35:59 -0800
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Thanks to those that responded direct with some advice.

However, my query was not about the wisdom of installing a crossed loop in an attic but rather how to connect it electrically. I understand the RFI issues as I live in one of the worst RFI spot imaginable for LF operation. If one understands that there is no better place to install the loops on my little lot, the attic looks like a good place as it is at least out of the weather...
I need advice on electrical connection of crossed loops so I can steer
the null.

Scott Tilley wrote:
With the big mast destroyed and the loop taken down to make repairs easier the grabber is now on a miniwhip up on a 20' carbon fiber pole (well away from the house ;-)
This should allow everyone to continue their fascination with my
neighbour's RFI habits.

Thoughts of installing a crossed electro-static loop in the attic have crossed my mind as a replacement for the lost antennas. Thoughts?
73 Scott
VE7TIL - CN89lg

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