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Re: LF: DK8ND, tnx Victor

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Subject: Re: LF: DK8ND, tnx Victor
From: Hans-Albrecht Haffa <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 20:40:00 +0100
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Dear Victor,

tnx for the fb qrss-report, according to your screenshot abt OO.
Can You or any other stn respond to my calls? I got no Idea how sensitive my 
stn is now, and how much qrn is usual nowadays and in my urban housing area. I  
didnt get well Deutschlandfunk 153 k with AM demodulator with my RX EKD300 in 
good quality last weekend (just for comparison).  With synchronous detector it 
was a bit better. Ant tuned on 136,5 kHz. 
Can You respond to my calls ? I have seen on my spectrolab screen only snow 
(noise) and blue background. Must wait for next weekend for a cw-qso with DK 7 
SU, 20 km from me.

55, Hans-Albrecht DK 8 ND

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> Betreff: LF: DK8ND

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> 73
> Victor
> JO22NC

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