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LF: 9V1 ops Singapore

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Subject: LF: 9V1 ops Singapore
From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 22:54:24 -0800
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From BY/ KL1X Shanghai PRC (too close to North Korea at the moment)
Greetings - Ill be listening from Singapore 9V1 OJ11   1 deg 18 minsN  103 deg 5E from Tuesday night 10th Oct local time, thats just pre dawn West Coast USA Tuesday. Darkness is from 2254 to 1054Z, and we have a mutual darkness path for most of the US barring those east of Boston (if there anything East?) Mutual darkness continues thru till West coast dawn at appx 1423Z and finally VY at around 1533Z.
For mid Europe and Asia the path opens at your dusk and continues till my dawn at 2254Z -
 I should be on every night give or take the pub, smog  or a rumble. If f you have freqs or modes to listen out for please give me a email direct. If you can do QRSS that would be better for me. The antennae will be up at around 150ft and hopefully in a fairly clear area above  the roof line of the hotel
Soon to be Laurence 9V1/KL1X (needs updating tonight) -
argo grabber will be on line and clickable from the above web page.

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