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RE: LF: Off topic Marconi

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Subject: RE: LF: Off topic Marconi
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Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 21:01:55 +0200
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Thanks Nigel and John,

I will try to search around maybe some from MARCONI will now,
I forgot to tell that the filter is placed in the TX driver board
But space is left over for the LSB filter.

Thanks again and Vy 73 Ingolf


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You also try the G-QRP Club.  They do 1.4MHz filters.


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>Sorry for this, but do any one  have or now where to get  
>E-prom/software and a 1.4 MHz LSB  filter for a MARCONI Ocean Link 400 
>The Crystal filter for USB is marked with type BP4727-30 from  Cathodeon 
>Can't help with these specific items but 1.4MHz filters for other sets  
>sometimes appear on Ebay, and are generally quite a bit cheaper than 455
>Examples to watch out for are the Redifon 551, Racal 1772 series, some 
>Marconis, etc.
>They may not be an exact fit, perhaps not quite the same bandwidth 
>but might save waiting a long time for just the right item to come  along.

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