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LF: DI2BO with low power QRSS3

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Subject: LF: DI2BO with low power QRSS3
From: "Holger 'Geri', DK8KW" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 07:02:43 +0200
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Hi folks,
first of all thanks to everyone who has reported the reception of DI2BO until now. I will post some information about who has heard or seen DI2BO so far soon. The beacon has been seen or heard almost throughout Western Europe.
During daylight hours today DI2BO will transmit QRSS3 with low power (around 100 mW ERP or less) on 440.040 kHz. DI2AG from near Nuernberg was active yesterday on 440.044 kHz and I received a few screenshots showing both beacon transmissions.
Best 73
Geri, DK8KW / DI2BO (W1KW)
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