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LF: RE: pictures of my new 136kHz stn

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Subject: LF: RE: pictures of my new 136kHz stn
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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 22:42:49 +0100
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Hi Dick, LF Group,
What power supply voltage will you be using for your new TX, and what RF power do you hope to get out with 4 times IRFP450?
73, Dave G3WCB IO91RM
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Subject: LF: pictures of my new 136kHz stn

Hello all,
Thanks to the help of Jelmer, from the PA6Z contestgroup with his camera I'm able to show some
pictures of the new 136kHz station I'm building at the moment.
I hope to have finished all stuff on time to take it to LX later this year.
You can find the pictures, as well as regular updates (pictures as well as text) on
My plan is to put all components that might get warm into a kind of 'chimney'.
These are the output transformer, zobel network, output filter, as well as
the RF-choke, and shuntresistors for currentprotection.
Also some parts of the low voltage circuit.
I am building the station in 'blocks'
The pictures taken show the powerstage with 4 times IRFP450.
Also visible is the antennarelay as well as a part of the driver unit.
Maybe David may recognize the 3C90 core, hi
Dick, PA4VHF
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