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LF: Re: 136kHz and Rugby Loran

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Subject: LF: Re: 136kHz and Rugby Loran
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Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 15:15:54 EDT
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Hello Chaps.
Well, I think we have an opportunity to influence the future of the Loran project at Rugby.
I made a complaint about the interference to the Loarn organisation and they have put the Trinity House project manager in touch with me.  Typically for an interference complaint, they need times dates and description of the sound. 
Sounds I can do, but can someone forward some real dates and times as I haven't noted the previous transmissions to a sufficient accuracy.
I suspect we won't be able to stop this, but we may well get them to install a large notch filter for 136k.
Jim / Dave.  May I use some of your previously 'published' info?
David   G0MRF
Dear Mr. Bowman,

I have been forwarded a copy of your email to the International Loran

Could you please let me have some details regarding the interference
you are
experiencing, including what it sounds like and times of day that you
are experiencing

Best regards,
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