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Re: LF: TA Last night

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Subject: Re: LF: TA Last night
From: Wolf DL4YHF <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 22:57:03 +0200
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Lawrence Mayhead G3AQC schrieb:

Hi Joe ,

The capture I sent with my last mail was timed 04:00 UTC on the 8th July.

By the way, I belive that the mains earth is the best available since it extends for many yards,even miles, from the antenna site.In a built up area it will extend all round the antenna. It certainly is the best for me, much more current than all my radials put together. 73 Laurie.

Concerning mains earth for the TX antenna: Exactly the same here. I trried buried radials; radials hanging around everywhere in the trees and the underwood; radials connected to the metal fence around the football field; .... - nothing worked as good as mains as extra large counterpoise (difference: 0.something A versus 1.9 A antenna current)
But a totally different story for RX: I use a large relay contact to
OPEN the connection between "mains earth" and "antenna earth" during
reception, because the mains earth is terribly noise-polluted.
73,  Wolf  DL4YHF .

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