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LF: SV: RE: Suitable ground?

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Subject: LF: SV: RE: Suitable ground?
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Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 17:08:55 +0200
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Hello !

I have a negative experience using a well casing. I have a well drilled about 120m deep 
(~350feet). The pump is hanging about 65m down in a steel wire. From the earth surface 
and down about 20feet there is a steel tube about 5 inches in diameter. The whole thing 
was connected to the radials in order to improve the antenna current. However there were 
absolutely no change in current when connecting. The well here is about 65feet from teh 
feedpoint. But give it a try. Hopefully you are luckier than I HI. The soil here is 
"solid" clay about 7feet deep.

73 SM5EUF / Urban
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Från: Dave Pick <[email protected]>
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Datum: den 31 juli 2005 15:51
Ämne: LF: RE: Suitable ground?


I think Christer SM6PXJ used a well casing to good effect?
It certainly sounds like a better ground than most of us are able to get!

Dave G3YXM.

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Subject: LF: Suitable ground?

Hello LFer's,

The soil at my QTH is composed mostly of gravel, which makes getting
a decent ground for RF purposes rather difficult for two reasons, driving in
ground rods, and
poor soil conductivity.  However, about 150 feet from my house is a
water well in
the form of an 8 inch diameter steel pipe that goes down 275 feet!
Has anyone
on the list had any experience using such as a ground for a Marconi

Cheers, J.B.

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