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LF: Re: Loop antenna problem

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Subject: LF: Re: Loop antenna problem
From: "Steve McDonald" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 18:07:18 -0700
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JB - the pickup loop should not be shielded....just use a piece of wire (any need for #12)... that the main loop is made from. A single turn, connected across your coax feedline.
Steve / VE7SL

Hello LF Group,
I've finally finished the construction of my LF loop and I appear to have a
problem with it regarding the connection to the receiver.  The loop itself
is in the form of an octagon, with an overall diameter of 10.5 feet, and it
consists of 15 turns of number 12 THHN stranded wire.  The spacing of
the turns is 0.25 inch and the tuning is done with a 3 gang, 400 pF. per
section, variable capacitor with all sections connected in parallel.
Checking with a weak signal source, the tuning range is roughly 100 to
300 kHz.  This agrees with Reg's program for multi-turn loop antennas.
A portable radio covering the LF band really comes to life when I bring
it close to the loop, and by turning the loop in azimuth I can peak the
signals and/or null out noise.  This would indicate that it is working as
I would expect.
The problem is with the pickup loop, which is of the classical shielded
construction as described in many antenna books.  Mine is made from
RG-213 coax and it's positioned roughly six inches inside of the main
loop windings, but in the same plane.  The station receiver, a TS-440S,
gets better reception of LF signals when it's connected to my 40 meter
delta loop than it does with the LF loop!!  I know the feedline is OK, as
I've checked it with an MFJ-259  antenna bridge and a 50 ohm load at
the antenna end.
The one suspicion I do have is that the cable clamps I've used to hold
the pickup loop to the frame are made of metal and are shaped like a
capital letter P.  I'm wondering if these look like shorted turns to the
pickup loop and are attenuating the signal?  Before I get out my big
stepladder and replace them, I thought I'd ask the opinions of those
of you who have gone before me.  Any/all suggestions are welcome.
73, J.B. Weazle McCreath, VE3EAR - VE3WZL
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