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LF: VLF DX-Cluster...

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Subject: LF: VLF DX-Cluster...
From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 04 04:24:12 -0800
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From: YO2IS
 Hello from KN05ps, pleased to read about the last weekend
activity. DX-clusters are always very helpfull. Enclosed a
sample of whats going on at HA6DX, which has a VLF RX online.

 73 & DX, Szigy.

.........................sample .................................

*** connected to HA6DX
Hello Szigy, this is HA6DX in Balasagyarmat, HUNGARY
running DXSpider V1.51 build 57.263
telnet 9000       ( need JAVA 2.0 )
DXSpider home page :
Can you help: ? sh, ? set,
paging off: set/page 0, connected clusters: links
If you have any questions, please write mail to sysop: [email protected] '73  Zoli
      Online 137.7 kc receiver camera on the WEB:
Cluster: 26 nodes, 8 local / 134 total users  Max users 294  Uptime 22 11:33
YO2IS de HA6DX  6-Dec-2004 0822Z >

To LOCAL de HA6DX (0830Z): CLUSTER: HA6DX JN98PB at  6-Dec-2004 0830Z

  136.6  DL4YHF       5-Dec-2004 1335Z  (0WD).. TU, hr JO42FD 80mw E <DF0WD>
  137.7  DF0WD        5-Dec-2004 1328Z  HELL                         <DL6SN>
  136.0  DF0WD        5-Dec-2004 1316Z  QRSS 3 dito 73 hr Jo62jv 73  <DG0RG>
  137.7  DF0WD        5-Dec-2004 1300Z  QRSS 3 "TEST DE DF0WD" HI... <DG0RG>
  136.3  DL3FDO       5-Dec-2004 1141Z  cq                           <DL6SN>
  137.1  G3OLB        5-Dec-2004 1138Z  in qso M0BMU both R 5 in jo4 <DF0WD>
  136.6  DK8ND        5-Dec-2004 1030Z  cq                           <DL6SN>
  137.7  OK2BVG       5-Dec-2004 0957Z  cq DFCW                      <DL6SN>
  136.6  DK7SU        5-Dec-2004 0920Z  cq                           <DL6SN>
  136.0  DF6NM        4-Dec-2004 1118Z <DF0WD>

YO2IS de HA6DX  6-Dec-2004 0831Z >

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