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LF: Weekend activity 4/5 Dec

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Subject: LF: Weekend activity 4/5 Dec
From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 17:45:52 -0000
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The weekend actually started on Wednesday when I tidied up the feedpoint of my antenna to reduce the coupling to ground and nearby walls. Slightly increased the current and made the patio look better!. Was rewarded by a CW QSO with OH1TN at 1783km, my second with him.
Conditions around Europe seemed good all weekend with
CFH audible much of the time. QRSS30 seen from VO1NA
at dawn, but not strong.
Lots of activity: Worked F6BWO and DF0WD on CW. On
QRSS3 worked OK2BVG and a new station to me G3WCB
whose 5 watt Tx was just audible.
Heard CW from DK7SU, SM6BHZ (who did not hear me or
G3AQC calling), G3YXM, G3XIZ, DL3FDO, G3OLB and
Also saw some spectacular Hell from DF0WD (pic on my
web site).
Mike, G3XDV

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