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LF: Re: Re: RX in OZ

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: RX in OZ
From: "OZ7QC" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 23:28:39 +0200
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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your reply
Yes I think I can receive him to but at the moment there is to much crack from thunder storm her in the array.
I have made the loop out of VE7LS idea, but with 40 turns 0,5mm in a special way to avoid internal capacity for the tuning coil, and 2 turns for the RX coil.
I don't have data or picture of my antenna yet but if you are interested I can produce some specification for you.
Vy 73
Ingolf OZ7QC
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From: F6CWN
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 10:44 PM
Subject: LF: Re: RX in OZ

12./08/2004   2032z
Hello Ingolf and the list,
 I see that your are like me, a LF SWL at the moment!  0:)
 I am sure that you can receive MOBMU, at least...
Just a little question about your 3 meter loop: how many turns dou you use?
From my side, i use 6 turns, 7.4 mm wire and 2.2O meter of diameter.
I am thinking about a 3m and 8 turns...Because just at the moment i am "beaming"
to VO1NA in QRSS 30  (137.777 KHz) and nothing at the screen! Perhaps during
the night after the gray line...
73 Ingolf
Jeff / F6CWN ( JN09TT)
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From: OZ7QC
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 8:06 PM
Subject: LF: RX in OZ

Hi LF group,
 I am frequent RX QRV with a 3m magnetic loop her from OZ land more spec. 30 km west of Copenhage Locator  JO65BP.
The only signal received until now is SM6BHZ around midnight 23/7/04 with 59++, but be seeing a lot of signals without identification.
Drop me a mail if you want me to listen on a specific time.
At the moment I only have a exciter for LF and are collecting component for a output stage and TX ant.
Vy 73 for more activity
Ingolf OZ7QC
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