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LF: <more> G3YXM...I see ya!

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Subject: LF: <more> G3YXM...I see ya!
From: "G3WCB" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 21:23:28 -0000
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Hi, Dave.
Yours was the first-ever amateur signal that I've heard on 136, in 3 weeks
of listening! The trouble I had was knowing when and where to listen. You
presented a rock-crushing signal...30db above noise here. I wonder what
power you were running.
There were a couple of other transmissions today around 136.500, but they
were too weak for me to resolve.
I don't have any TX capability at the moment, but I hope to have rigged up
something in a couple of weeks. Receive capability is CW/QRSS/ARGO/Spectran,
listening most evenings/week-ends, rx-only skeds if desired on request also.
Dave, G3WCB IO91RM (near Slough/Windsor)


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Subject: LF: RE: G3YXM...I see ya!

Yes it was me! (and Tom) in QSO.
The aerial has been down for "summer maintenance" but I'm back on now.
Skeds welcome.

Dave G3YXM

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Subject: LF: G3YXM...I see ya!

Hi, I can report strong signals from your transmission at 13:42 local on
136.53 kHz in IO91RM.

Did you have a QSO/test earlier, between 12:03 and 12:34? I was out of the
shack, but it left a trace on Spectran.


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