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Re: LF: Re: Re: Loops v Verticals

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: Re: Loops v Verticals
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Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 20:58:48 EDT
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Well said Bryan!
From my early days in radio I was led to believe an old adage: "Cover the sky with wire!"
In what is now almost 50 years of involvement, it still seems to apply and stand me in good stead almost no matter what the wavelength! (And when it comes to antennas [antennae] I still believe in "lens" theory which implies aperture, focii, depth of field and refractive index etc.) A "wave" travelling at the speed of light is presumably subject to the same (or remarkably, similar) physical rules notwithstanding "interpretations" of Maxwell's equations.
At the moment I am struggling to come to terms with the maths of the latest offerings of Penrose and Hawking but as Alan G3Nyk often points out "a good big one usually beats the hell out of even a good small one" in the battle of antennas.
I hope to hell I am not alone in accepting the principle of wave theory, otherwise 50 years of trying to understand radio has just gone up in smoke!
Pat g4gvw
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