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LF: RE: 2200m webpage updated

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Subject: LF: RE: 2200m webpage updated
From: "James Moritz" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 14:06:22 +0100
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Dear Scott,


Very interesting to see the pictures of CKN. I’m sure the two big masts must be the LF antennas – but some of the smaller masts are carrying fixed and rotatable (the ones with 3 horizontal booms at the top) HF log-periodic arrays. For descriptions of something similar, see the data sheets at


I think the rotatable arrays are these:


Never seen those “Hula Hoops” before though…


I have been looking at the 76.2kHz and 133.1kHz frequencies a bit – unfortunately, 133.1 has quite a lot of QRM from sidebands of the “Datatrack” beacons centered on slightly higher frequency, so a fairly strong signal would be needed to be detectable. 76.2kHz seems to be in the clear though, but nothing seen so far. BTW, does anybody have any info about the Datatrack transmitters? There seem to be a number working on a common frequency – I can’t get a null with a loop antenna.


Cheers, Jim Moritz

73 de M0BMU


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Subject: LF: 2200m webpage updated


I've updated my 2200m section to include some info on a new DDS by SM6LKM and some images of naval radio site 'CKN'...





Check the status of radio beacon 'TIL' at:

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