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LF: ZL6QH/ZM2E this Saturday

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Subject: LF: ZL6QH/ZM2E this Saturday
From: "Vernall" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:50:15 +1200
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Hi all,

A mixture of LF events is planned for the Quartz Hill club station on
Saturday 26 June.  For most of the time we will have a DFCW120 beacon
running with the usual QQQQ.... identifier, frequencies 137.7890/137.7886
kHz.  ZL hours of darkness are between nominally 0452z to 2006z.  To assist
with weak signal identification, timing can also be used, as we will arange
for each Q to be synchronised with starting on the hour and each ten minutes
thereafter.  We expect that frequencies will be maintained within 0.1 Hz of
declared.  The beacon should be running from ZL sunset (so DX could be
possible in paths with an east component from about 0452z).

At 0900z we are breaking the beacon transmission so we can try for an LF SSB
QSO with Robert AX2TAR (in VK7).  How long that may take depends on how
propagation turns out and whether each station is functioning to

At some time ZM2E will attempt an LF/HF crossband QSO with Laurence 3D2LF in
Fiji.  3D2LF can use the DFCW beacon as a propagation indicator, and we can
listen out on the 40 metre liaison frequency, so there is flexibility in
when the crossband QSO could be attempted (apart from at and after 0900z
when we will be on SSB looking for AX2TAR).

We will maximise our time with DFCW120 beacon transmission, and there should
be a continuous output over the latter part of the ZL night, to suit paths
with a west component into Europe (but admittedly it is a very long way).

Good luck to all who tune in.  Argo works well even when you are looking at
your eyelids :-)

73, Bob ZL2CA

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