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re LF: "Revolutionary antenna technology reduces size dramatically"

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Subject: re LF: "Revolutionary antenna technology reduces size dramatically"
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 22:27:35 +0100
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For those who havent seen this I found this quote, which I must say does not
inspire confidence in the work of a "laboratory technician" (according to
one source....not a graduate researcher) I wonder if this was peer reviewed
!! I think it would answer Andy's question....that no he hasnt done tests on
a calibrated range....I bet he has done a lot of simulation though!!

Yep top-loading works I reduced my loading coil inductance by about 4:1 but
there is a hell of a lot of wire up there. (capacitance increase from 180pF
to 850pF at about 6pF per metre) but it is not near the vertical.

"With my technique, I reduce the inductive loading that is normally required
to resonate the antenna by as much as 75 percent . . . by utilizing the
distributed capacitance around the antenna," he explained.

"I looked at all the different approaches used to make antennas smaller, and
there seemed to be good and bad aspects" to each, Vincent said. "A helix
antenna is normally known to be a core radiator, because the current profile
drops off rapidly; they are just an inductor, and inductance does not like
to see changes in current, so it's going to buck that.

"What I found was that for any smaller antenna, if you place a load coil in
the middle you can normalize and make the current through the helix unity;
that is, you can maximize it and linearize it," he added.
These comments do not stack up with radiation resistance changes (necessry
to actually radiate more power) but LFers will know the effects of putting
capacitance around the aerial ...(trees, bushes, bean-poles, houses
etc)....and it is not to get a stronger signal at distance. We shall see. I
cant find the Patent No quoted anywhere.

The compression he achieves seems about the same as a mobile whip, and you
can work round the world on 21MHz mobile with a 1.5m whip and about
100watts....some have been doing it for years.

I am fascinated to know what the other "terminal" of his capacitance is
connected to!!

Or am I being too cynical? Results need to be repeated before they are
hailed as breakthroughs. The acceptance by a patent examiner is not
sufficient proof of this.
There may not be many perpertual motion machines getting through these days
but there seem to be plenty of other "strange science". Rhode Is Univ
(where??) will probably fight detractors as it seeks to pull in cash, the
finances overpowering the scientific method. As a physicist I am saddened. I
fear its another case of science by press release, cold fusion all over

Cheers de Alan G3NYK

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