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LF: Unusual QRM

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Subject: LF: Unusual QRM
From: "John Rabson" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 08:01:30 -0000
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Has Mal been using TUPperware insulators?

From the The Times 4 November 2003.
"Randy ram gets the secret world all overexcited

By Simon de Bruxelles

STAFF at the top secret GCHQ monitoring base were baffled. They had nothing
like it before. Was the high-frequency transmission a covert signal from a
spy? Or something more sinister? Now the origin of the signal which puzzled
British Intelligence can be revealed: an over-excited ram was rubbing
himself against a radio mast. The intelligence community's finest moment has
been revealed in the Daily Observer, a spoof newspaper for staff at GCHQ in
Cheltenham, which employs 4,500 people.

The mast in a field in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, was picking up a signal
at roughly the same time every day.

The paper says: "An investigation was quickly launched, revealing that the
signal was across all the high-frequency bands. Stranger still, only
Scarborough's aerials could pick it up. Even stranger, it happened only in
daytime And to one antenna in particular. Exhaustive tests were launched,
revealing the answer - a horny ram.

"In between servicing some local ewes, it was partial to rubbing its horns
against the aerial masts."

A GCHQ spokesman, Bob McNally, said: "It was part of the ritual that the ram
went through after it had made a conquest I believe the ram was notching up
a mark on the pylon, so to speak."

The tabloid paper is a rare glimpse of humour in the normally po-faced world
of secret intelligence. GCHQ monitors communciations from around the world,
from e-mails to mobile telephone calls, but this was its first message from
a randy ram."

John Rabson G3PAI

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