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LF: XE operation rx

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Subject: LF: XE operation rx
From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 21:27:51 -0800
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/mobile some 3 miles North of Ixtapa, around 100 miles North of Acapulco, Pacific coast Mexico. Thats around 9900 Kms from DCF39.
Received DCF39 on dot 60 at around 0300Z - we were parked within a few
metres of the sea and around 3miles from the nearest power line. But path os
over the mountains which are close to the coast. QRN was strong from
Thunderstorms to the North, which were visual.
Didnt listen for long as the car was like a furnace as we had the a/c off
and windows closed to keep dem bugs out. Will take another look again,
probably tomorrow night 2/3rrd, but nothing seen on 780/777 and too early
for XDW in Alaska. I see my home station is seeing DCF39 so strongly thats
its visible during my tx periods too (I think thats what Im seeing!)
Equipment is an LF engineering LF400 Eprobe, tri magnet mag mount, and FT817
plus Dell. Some QRM when I put my hand near the keyboard but very quiet
73 Laurence KL1X (and Sheri) in Mexico.

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