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Re: LF: Colour Direction Finder (Intern)

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Subject: Re: LF: Colour Direction Finder (Intern)
From: [email protected]m
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 05:07:36 EDT
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Hello Jan-Martin,

You wrote,
> Is it for Friedrichshafen the sort of "Scriptum der Vorträge" you have for Weinheim, München and other meeting?

Not really. Markus DF6NM has published the pictures with diagrams, schematics etc at

but there is no Scriptum yet (no large text portions but all presentation "foils").

In general about Friedrichshafen: There is nothing like the Weinheim scriptum (which is a large book) from the presentations in Friedrichshafen, because the subjects range from "YL-meeting", "IOTA", "The sun near the end of a sunspot cycle", etc. Not too many technical subjects so the LF meeting was a nice exception, IMVHO ;)

BTW The mail from Hans DK8ND never reached me via reflector (only qouted in Jan-Martin's mail) so I seem to be losing incoming mail. Does anyone else experience this problem, or is it related to my ISP ?

Wolf DL4YHF.
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