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Re: LF: ICOM 746 cure

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Subject: Re: LF: ICOM 746 cure
From: "\\"Heinz Bordé\\"" <[email protected]>
Date: 13 Jul 2003 15:07 GMT
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I tryed the proposal of Mal. It works. The carrier could be moved to abt. 140 
the LCD), bringing down LCD BACKLIGHT to 10%

By the way: the 746 is not that bad at 137 kHz: I could copy a G4 stn calling 
cq without preamp. Ant is a T - one, 8 m vertical and 20 m tpo load.

  73 to all, Heinz, DM2BHG

"hamilton mal" <[email protected]> schrieb:
Heinz/DM2BHG recently enquired about a cure for the inband carrier around 136 
khz on his ICOM 746

To eliminate this carrier adjust the DISPLAY CONTRAST CTL to around 10% and 
BACKLIGHT CTL the same 10%.
This will move the offending carrier up HF to about 143 khz. This operation takes a couple of minutes The IC 746 is a good sensitive LF RX on the 137 khz band with the appropriate CW FILTER installed.
73 and gl
de Mal/G3KEV

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