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Re: LF: SAQ Transmissions 29.06.03

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Subject: Re: LF: SAQ Transmissions 29.06.03
From: "Dick Rollema" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:06:31 +0200
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Dear Ed,

From the messages on this reflector it is evident that quite a few amateurs received SAQ OK, using different types of receiver. 
Last year I measured the field strength of SAQ at my location as more than 400 microvolt/metre, so a respectable signal.
But is important that the aerial system is more or less tuned to 17.2kHz.

I used the aerial system for the 136kHz band with 26nF extra in parallel with  the tuning/matching coil to make the system resonant at 17.2kHz.
The receiver was a Wandel & Goltermann selective level meter type PSM-12, connected to a tap near the bottom end of the tuning coil. 
But you don't  need such a sensitive instrument at all.
Jim, M0BMU, made and used an electro-mechanical receiver  (a design in harmony with the alternator transmitter) without any amplification at all,  that was described in RadCom of March 2002.

73, Dick, PA0SE

At 22:53 13-7-03 +0100, you wrote:
Hi Group,
I picked up your email address from  the American website, and would respectfully ask please if you know of anyone who did receive the  June 03 SAQ transmissions in the UK, and if so but  more importantly------ How?
Here in the North-East corner of England, I heard absolutely nothing, much to my surprise and disappointment. Clearly, my home-brew receiving system wasn't sensitive enough, despite my efforts.  So I would really be pleased to get technical details from anyone who actually managed to receive the signals, such that I can be ready for the New Year's SAQ schedule?
Any ideas please?
73 de Ed. Chicken G3BIK
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