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Re: LF:GPS Locked signalling at LF

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Subject: Re: LF:GPS Locked signalling at LF
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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 12:07:41 EDT
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Hi Andy and group,

This *may* be useful for anyone wanting to play with the soundcard without having to go into windows programming. In fact, you can use Basic in a DOS window if you like.

I have a utility which reads samples from the soundcard, stereo or mono, with optional I/Q multiplication with an NCO, adjustable center frequency, and decimation of the sampling rate up to 2^12.

The "interface" between the utility and your application is a simple disk file. All your program must be able to do is open, read, close, and delete disk files. The sound utility is command-line driven, so you can tell it what to do from your own application.

If I had more time (*sigh*) I'd like to play with slow BPSK, but at the moment i don't have. Too busy from implementing DF6NM's colour direction finder in a windoze environment.

The utility (for Soundcard and a PIC-based two-channel ADC) is available on my website at

Wolf  DL4YHF.
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