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LF: Emission designator WD2XDW

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Subject: LF: Emission designator WD2XDW
From: "flo flo" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 10:43:48 -0800
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Dear Group -
Ref Alaskan WD2XDW beacon

I had a conversation with the FCC OET officer responsible for my part 5 licence application and grant this morning. I explained my concerns of being able to CWID the beacon at some rate able to be read by the authorities and, per the part 5 regs, ID (quickly) not more than every 30 mins. (Yes this limits my slow QRSS beacon speed) -
Given that my licence emissions designator allows me only 5 Hz this doesnt
work (that was my fault). He listened intentely and said it wasnt a problem
and that I can ID at 6/12 wpm in the interim but I should go on line and do
a modify on the licence and add an emission with a new bandwidth statement
for A1A (probably 120Hz) and Ill do the same allowing DFCW (Ok what the heck
bandwidth F1D statement do I do for this....?) this will then go thru the
FCCmill and hopefully pop out the other side intact.
I broached the subject of a station move to (probably) Oklahoma - and again
this would be a modiifcation of the existing licence and not a full reapply.
Oklahoma is the best bet for the next location.
I didnt ask this time but will do when I move, for permission to allow 2 x
way communications for propagation research (duality of path , skew,
tunnelling, sub-iono and all those other propagation possibles) with
stations in the US and outwith. Part 5 does have a clause pertaining to 2
way permissions but the reasons to allow it have to be very
watertight....and they will be.
It sounded like other part 5s were in process for 136kHz..

Whew.  Cheers Laurence

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