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LF: TLAs - off topic

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Subject: LF: TLAs - off topic
From: "Andy talbot" <[email protected]net>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 14:24:03 +0100
Importance: high
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Without TLA's the armed forces would stop!


Simon GM4PLM


Petty Officer Radio Superviser(Submarines) - Royal Navy Submarine Service
(do I get a gold star for that :-)

More seriously though, we're just as bad:

QRX QRL QRM   -   Please stand by, I am busy being interfered with.
PSE QSY OM, MNI QRM - Kindly get off my frequency sir, you're causing bad interference.
QRS   -   Slow down!   I only learnt CW to get a Class A licence

And why was SLOWCW corrupted into QRSS. Just to satisfy the TLA (or FLA) brigade?
Andy  G4JNT

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