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LF: Complex Calculating Editor (update)

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Subject: LF: Complex Calculating Editor (update)
From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 13:41:55 EDT
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Dear group,

If anyone on this group used an earlier version of it:
There is an update of the 'complex-calculating text editor' at

What's that ?
A small notepad-like text editor, which can calculate complex numeric expressions, like:
1/(2*pi*sqrt(1.4nF*1mH))  =: 134510
1kOhm||2kOhm||3kOhm  =: 545.455
 [ ||  is the 'parallel' operator,   A||B = (A*B)/(A+B)  ]
The result from one calculation line can be re-used in the next, and when finishing, you can save the whole thing in a plain text file.

What's new ?
CalcEd can now plot functions in a graphic output window. Good for analysing AC networks, due to the possibility of complex numbers.
To make this at least a bit "on-topic" : I used this program to check the frequency responce of a bandpass for 136kHz ;-).

Wolf DL4YHF.
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