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Re: LF: re 137.0 last night

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Subject: Re: LF: re 137.0 last night
From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 03:57:06 EDT
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Hi Alan,

this is how CFH looked here, before and after the change. Best "noise-to-noise" ratio during last night occured around 2:30 and was about 5dB.


[email protected]:

Hi all, I guess this could be a bigger problem over the west side of the
Pond. I saw an FSK signal appear weakly last night at about 2230z, but later
when I decided to switch on the logger, I realised it seemed to have gone
off. Then I saw that there was a wide hump of noise centred on 137 and
assume they switched to GMSK. This has a wider band width than FSK and was
showing at + / - 150Hz even over here. From my previous measurements it
seems to give similar reading but one does need to get is all in the RX


JPEG image

JPEG image

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