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LF: part 5

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Subject: LF: part 5
From: "Laurence J Howell" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 13:37:05 -0800
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Im getting some questions on whats been applied for here in Alaska - dont
know if any coordination is required but offer the following..

Part 5 Application pending via FCC Form 442 OET Licensing branch in for one
at a time of  3 freqs (pushing my luck asking for more b/w!)

135.895 -135.900 KHz Power 400W,  ERP 2W, Mode  AIA/FIA,  5 Hz max b/w
(that means I have to do slow morse somewhere here)
135.920-135.925       as above
137.770-137.775       as above -

Thanks for all the responses on what I should apply for and I hope this
sort of fits....

2 year licence, 50 USD application, required technical submission in
word.doc format of why you want it, what your going to do/prove, antennae
sketch in jpg and in my case FAA clearance doc "Determination of no hazard
to air navigation" - this was for the 100+ft tower and operation at 2W pep
on 137 Khz within a mile of an active runway...
Now a 12 week wait. The submission was for a "beacon" status (my words on
application)  but Ill do some more enquires on what that means and what
limitations there maybe therein. Ive read the AMRAD report and limitaitons
on their licence....

Any body got a spreadsheet of Loran lines for the USA up as far as 139Khz
-? Perhaps it time I got my calculator out.

Laurence KL1X
Web site just back on, looking at DCF39 and 137.772-5

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