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LF: RE: G3LDO to Alaska tests

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Subject: LF: RE: G3LDO to Alaska tests
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Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 16:39:31 -0600
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Welcome back Laurence. Hi Hi... Time to go hunting. Hi Hi...


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Subject: LF: G3LDO to Alaska tests

G3LDO cc : LF group

Peter - Im looking at the available screen grabs from your tests, and am
very dissapointed with the last 3 weeks data whilst I ve been teaching in
TI3 land,

Below may answer a few questions why!

This may be shared with a wider audience but.. on going away from home base
for 3 weeks and hopefully capturing some good LF opening make sure you or
have considered the the following :

1.   Make sure you antennae system can cope with a 1 in a 100 year wind
storm with temperatures in Anchorage peaking near +10C
2.   Make sure you weld down the support strutcture for the antennae base
and use at leat 5 tonnes of ballast as a counterbalance against tree
3.   Surround the base of the antennae feed point with at leat an 3m high
fence to keep the hungry moose from chewing the electrical insulation from
the vertical feed line and
4.   Using their hooves to dig up the earth mat and or chew on your hard
5.   Dont leave the ARGO PC connected to the Intenet whilst away as you
will get :-
6.   ?!*&^!!**!$! Pop up messages obliterating the saved to disk Jpegs
giving  the  first visible UK/Alaska 136 QRSS signals
7.   Girlfriend from accidently shutting down ARGo whilst writing an Email
8.   Girlfriend leaving on a flourescent dimmer control in the bedroom
producing massive squiggles -
9.   Local squirrel population chewing on the loading wires support cables
and collapsing the same.

Apart from that I have 264 Jpegs to review .....I should have had a 1000.

Laurence KL1X, back up and running.

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