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Re: LF: xtals

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Subject: Re: LF: xtals
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 12:10:07 -0000
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Subject: Re: LF: xtals

At 20:12 08/02/03 +0000, G3KEV wrote:

I have a Decca Marine RX, comprising 3 units and a Display unit all tube construciton. Two of the units have lots of high stab xtals. These xtals are glass encapsulated and gold plated construction. Does anyone know the frequency of these xtals, the freqs are not marked on the xtals, each xtal is enclosed in a metal can and marked GEC and other ref numbers. These look promising for other LF work.
73 de Mal/G3KEV

Should be receiver unit, power unit, and display unit. Display should have three or four circular meters.
Give me the receiver type number - it'll be on a plate somewhere - and I'll tell you exactly what the xtals are.
Almost certainly they're for the Decca freqs - 71, 85, 113 and 127 kHz.

Walter G3JKV.
Hello Walter and tnx ur msg.
The system is a Decca  MK 12 consul and the rx chassis with the xtals is marked OSCILLATOR CHASSIS C9340/G
VCOB-1 TO VC9B-1 There is a total of 21 xtals on this chassis, selectable with a motor driven rotary switch.
Xtals are GEC quartz crystal unit
one example is marked part no 9340x 8e, they all have numbers but no frequency marks.
Perhaps you know the exact freqs of the range. They might be useful for LF osc work, to pull on freq around 73 and 136 khz or hetrodyne with a vfo etc.
73 agn tnx de Mal/G3KEV


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