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LF: Feb 7-8 Report

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Subject: LF: Feb 7-8 Report
From: "Ed Lesnichy" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 20:24:31 +0300
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Hello LF_Group!

FEB 7:
1940 - start (had problems with new DDS)
CW - OK1DTN (again a magnificent signal!)
DL2HRE(S6), OH1BS(6), OH1TN(7) and some UA, UR QSX QSOs
High static QRM - very big wind(8-14 m/sec) , I think...
Not RX OM2TW, DL3FDO and... in CW ;-((

Saw a lot of weak QRSSs signals, but only Big M0BMU calling me in
QRSS10 - O in QRS3 (I saw .715-.685 Hz windows only ;-((

abt 2300 - ~0300 QRS60 Beacon test ("RU6LA") 135.9223
(further again problems with new DDS - but it has found out only in
the morning ;-((

FEB 8:
1515 Has seen DF6NM (O) in QSO with I5TCG. But already again I see
as work with I5TCG, but I in any way shall not see him. The east at
Cesare can is closed something?
CW - OH1TN(S7), SM3UWS(6) nil OH0RJ and OM2TW ;-(((

QRSS - DF6NM(O), G3YXM(O), S57A(M/O - first S5-UA QSO)
AGN saw a lot of weak QRSSs signals... but not in QRSS10 ;-((

2315 - 0600 QRS60 Beacon test ("RU6LA") 135.9223
(abt 0100 some DDS's problem)

The equipment same as well as in my previous activites
Ant TX - Big Vertical , PA - 40-60w Output (abt 3 Amp in ANT)
RX - TS-850,  Ant RX - 500m BV

The first QSOs on LF (under RU6LWZ) were carried out by Serge RZ6LG.
In CW we use RU6LWZ, and in QRSS RU6LA (I)- anybody any more does not
have patience for long QRSS ;-))

On 160m did not hear W or VE - probably propagation was on NA absolutely
bad. Again nobody has heard me in NA on 136 ;-((
Vlad UA6LV had fine QSOs on 160 and 80m with T31MY and some Pasifics and
African,  Central Am HAMs - propagation to West-South-East is fine (in
KN97LN on 160/80m)

TNX all who informed me about our signal through e-mail and a pager

Let's meet all in our next LF UA6-activites and DXpedition !

73! Ed  RU6LA  [email protected]

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