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Re: LF: Noises, off.

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Subject: Re: LF: Noises, off.
From: "Laurence J Howell" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 08:22:20 -0900
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I would concur with Steve - given my limited experience here, last night
wasn't that glorious - but a lot better (is "better" a scientific
word?)...static levels even up here in Anchorage were high but not killing.
I haven't heard or seem a lightning flash here in Anchorage in nearly 3
years...but we do get them in the summer more in the Interior.
Conditions last night were kinda interesting - early the Eu signals had
that, lets called it,. "doppler" spreading signature, by 0200Z signals had
taken more of a normal bandwidth. By 0345Z LF Broadcast signals from France
were coming up, and competing with the Norwegian on 153Khz - as was the
noisy carrier signal on 137.774.7 (+-0.3Hz sort of spread) which always
seem to be a precursor or a slight indicator of good things to Eu. (can
anybody see this in EU at all?) I think I was a little late in waking Peter
up at 0430Z ish and conditions dropped pretty fast by 0530 - but at the
time of Peters/DL7NM best signal, DCF had dropped to par with audible
noise, and a little later I had a glimpse of  what I taking as  Brians'
CT1DRPs signal.. This propagation stuff acts more like SpE at times!
Again for the 5th time in as many days 0400Z was the
somewhere.... I reckon, based on Jan 5/6 being what I would see as "best
signal and s/n" that we were something like 20dB down last night on what I
might see on a quiet nights drinking. Personally I take in as much graph
data/real time logs and data as possible - it adds a lot to the story. So
thanks again to the plotters and servers. I was communicating with Alan NYK
about SIDs and wondered if, as the Alaska to Europe path in midwinter is
mostly in darkness but lit at the Eu end whether you guys might make it
during an Eu daylight SID event....more monitoring required.

The system will be up again from 0000Z again although I continue to relay
noiz via Echolink - great to see so many people having a look in. Plans
afoot to build a big loop this weekend to see if I can improve the s/n
further. Im going to see if I can figure out the export jpeg stuff -

Laurence KL1X
Light Snow on the ATU  -6C

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